Who are we?

Who are we?

Mr and Mrs James

Welcome to Life’s An Experiment, a real and honest blog about our travels around the world and all that encompasses, whether good bad or indifferent!

We are Corinne and Adam James, a couple since 2005, married in Las Vegas during the roadtrip of a lifetime in 2016. We share a passion for travel and love exploring new places, experiencing as much as we can together. Travel brings us alive; it is exciting, rewarding and inspiring. Travel can also present challenges but it is how you deal with these challenges that makes you stronger, makes you grow and in time makes you look back and laugh.

We love learning about cultures different to our own, trying new foods and really getting a true feel for a place. Meeting people along the way, whether locals or fellow travellers and sharing each others experiences enhances this even more.

We truly believe life would be pretty dull if you never pushed the boundaries, never tried new things, never experimented!

We are glad that you have found our blog and hope that you gain something from it. If you like what you read why not stick around, we would love you to follow our journey.

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