Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok

Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok with dark skies looming, hopped off the BTS which was supposed to be a moments walk from our hotel and stomped meanifully in……the wrong direction!!! Realising, we turned around and began lugging our cases back the way we had come. Those looming dark skies did not let us down and within minutes we both looked like we had stepped in the bath with our clothes on!! To our delight we soon saw the alluring glowing sign of our chosen hotel….

Straight away the quality of the service hit us with a bang. We were met with umbrellas; once inside the foyer we were brought towels to dry ourselves with and two iced Thai teas were placed on the counter infront of us. Wow! We already felt spoilt and we hadn’t yet checked in! The check in process was swift and we left our cases for the hotel porter to bring up to our room. Off to the 18th floor…..

We had researched (as we always do!) our hotel choice very well and I was so excited to enter the room and discover what it had to offer in the flesh! Hotel Indigo did not disappoint on attention to detail, style, comfort or the “wow” factor.

The bed was large, comfortable and dressed with high quality bed linen…

……which always makes for a good nights sleep…..!

There was a lovely area to chill and put your feet up….

If you need a desk to work from, well I’m not sure how much you would get done with this view….

The bathroom was so swish with gold fixtures….

….a sink and vanity area with anything and everything you could ever need or want!

….and a spacious, powerful shower with luxurious toiletries….

The creme del la creme for us has to be our own private balcony with seating. What could be better than sitting out here soaking up the thronging vibes of Bangkok City…..

…..with views to die for….

Now the price of our room was around £100 per night which you could say was expensive in Thai terms but this is a 5 star boutique hotel in a great location in Bangkok….including a breakfast. I cannot tell you with enough emphasis how cheap this really is if you compare that to what you would get for £100 in London….which almost certainly woud not include a breakfast of this quality and choice if at all! Now…..lets explore that breakfast….

This was one of Adam’s plates from our 4 night stay and as you can see it is brimming with fruit, rice, cheese, beans and bread….

…he followed this up with some scrumptious poached eggs and hash browns….

My offering was some delicious pancakes with fresh and griddled banana, honey and cream….yum!

There was so much choice for breakfast at this hotel and the quality of the food and service of the staff was simply outstanding. There were all types of condiments, cereals, breads, yogurts, meats, cheeses, salads, fruits, milks, curries, rices…..and that was just the buffet! When seated you are brought a small shot glass of juice (different each day) and then asked if you would like tea or coffee. Aswell as the buffet there is a hot Western, Thai and Indian menu which is given to you at the table. Truly amazing.

One final but truly special element of this hotel which we sampled was the infinity pool overlooking the city…

We have now stayed at two Indigo hotels, the second being in Liverpool, UK. Both times we have felt indulged with the style, service and attention to detail. We highly recommend staying with Hotel Indigo if you are ever lucky enough to get that chance.

Hopefully we will be lucky enough to return ourselves, afterall it has now made it in to our top 3 hotel choices across the world!

Please swing over to YouTube and seek out Jamesyboy Experiment for a detailed room vlog also.

Until next time…thanks for reading :)….



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  1. Hi. A beautifully set out website. We (myself, my husband and our adult son)met Adam in Krabi town early this month and were extremely fascinated by his tales of treasures that he would find in Norwich from hundreds of years ago. After my husband left to come back to Australia, my son and I spent 2 weeks in Chiang Mai (you would love Chiang Mai, I am sure) and then caught the overnight train down to Bangkok -an experience not to be missed. We stayed in a hotel near Ratchaprarop railway station which was very convenient to everything; the BTS train ran on the top, then the MRT lines underneath, and below that the ‘country’ train lines. Buses everywhere also. Australia could learn from a public transport system like this.
    Your breakfast looks amazing.

    1. Hi Jenny. Thank you so much for the compliment. I am really enjoying setting up my website and writing about our travels and experiences. Adam told me all about his meeting with you guys and how friendly and interesting you are. This was our first visit to Thailand and found it amazing. We would have loved to have gone to Chiang Mai and hope to in the future. I wished I could have made it to Krabi that evening but I was too poorly. We love finding “treasure” and mudlark on the banks of the river Thames in London with is so much fun. We have starting producing the videos from Thailand on our YouTube page Jamesyboy Experiment. Take care and maybe we’ll meet again one day….

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